About us

Paradoks Film Production was created in 2009 by philosopher – filmmaker – author Metin Gönen on the basis of the idea: we are all filmmakers because we all transform reality and shape life simply by telling stories of our everyday life.

Paradoks Film performs its works with the idea that cinema is essentially a paradoxical art. That is to say, the cinema is an aesthetic creation and a sensitive way of thinking, despite its technical conditions and its narrative rules.

To tell dramatic stories in cinema, an organizational subjectivity endowed with an idea-cinema must therefore choose, decide, compose the technology and the narration with a view to an aesthetic effect, a cinematographic reflection.

Paradoks Film carries out its film production, direction and film education activities within this philosophical and artistic framework: In principle, deciding, thinking and telling stories to create emotion and convey a sensitive idea are within everyone’s reach.

Within this framework, on the one hand, Paradoks Film develops and creates feature films, documentaries and short films (www.paradoksfilm.com)

On the other hand, Paradoks Film trains directors, screenwriters and authors by carrying out filmmaking workshops, scriptwriting workshops, documentary filmmaking workshops, film philosophy workshops (film analysis and philosophy of films) and cinema summer camps in Paradoks Film Akademi (www.paradoksakademi.com).

Moreover, Paradoks Film also communicates its cinematographic productions, educational activities in its film workshops, its exploratory writings on the relationship between cinema and philosophy, its analysis of important films in the history of cinema in its online periodical Paradoks Dergi SineFelsefe (www.paradoksdergi.com)